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Daniel Beltrá - Oil Spill #16


Daniel Beltrá - Oil Spill #16

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The silly logic that congress has about climate change

You may have already seen the full segment on The Daily Show (you should if you haven’t) where John Stewart critiques a recent hearing held by the House of Representatives Committee on Science, Space and Technology. It echoes a commencement speech that President Obama gave last spring at UC Irvine:

Today’s Congress is full of folks who stubbornly and automatically reject the scientific evidence about climate change.  They will tell you it is a hoax, or a fad.  One member of Congress actually says the world is cooling. There was one member of Congress who mentioned a theory involving “dinosaur flatulence”—which I won’t get into.

As for the ice in the glass concept, mounting evidence finds large swaths of land ice melting into the ocean.  A recent study that incorporates 40 years of observations from a joint effort with NASA and UC Irvine has found that the West Antarctic glacier will contribute to a 4 foot rise in sea level.  

You can read more about that study here →

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That’s one way to handle the heat.

Ellen: “….kay”

I’m never gonna get over Ellen’s face

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Submarine (2010) dir. Richard Ayoade

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